Product infomation

1. AF-M3000

1-i. What is "AF-M3000"?

AF-M3000 is 3W class multi-power supply for smartphone, cell phome, portable game machine and so on.  It's a palm-sized mobile hydrogen fuel cell.

You can generate electrical power easily with AF-M3000.  You just put a fuel cartridge into it and pour water into filling port.  So AF-M3000 starts to generate electrical power soon.

AF-M3000_1   AF-M3000_2

1-ii. Primary specification

Main body

Max. output3.5W
Output voltage5.2V
Weight128g (only the main body)
RemarksOutput time and output capacity may vary depending on the condition of use.
Please note that the spec may be changed without previous notice.  We appreciate your understanding.

Fuel cartridge

Output outlinemore than 1Wx90 minutes (25)
Output timeabout 120 minutes/one cartridge
Output capacityabout 3Wh/one cartridge
Accessorywater supply container (water 5.5cc)
RemarksOutput time and output capacity may vary depending on the condition of use.
This cartrdge is disposal.  Do not use again.
Please note that the spec may be changed without previous notice.  We appreciate your understanding.
AF-M3000 Draw Fuel cartridge Draw
appearance diagram of main body appearance diagram of cartridge
and water spply container

1-iii. Product features

AF-M3000 is a fuel cell and portable electricity generator.

1. Generating electric power on demand

When you need electric power, You can generate it by setting a fuel cartridge in AF-M3000.  You don't need to prepare like a chargeable battery before use.

For example, when your smartphone's battery is low and needs to be recharged but you want to continue operating it,  if you have AF-M3000, you only have to set a fuel cartridge .  You can generate electric power and feed it to your smartphone when you need.

2. Palm-sized

We developed the original power generating cell which is very thin and has high output.  Our power generating cells make it possible that AF-M3000 is palm-sized and good for carrying around.

3. Disposal fuel cartridge designed for smallness and lightness

The fuel cartridge of AF-M3000 is small, light and disposal for portability. And the capacity of fuel is design to "charge a cell phone full" or "charge smartphone up to 50%", for it is easy to use it up.

For the on/off control technology, please see "4. Ideas on how to proceed in the future".

4. Long-term storage

Our fuel cartridge is design to prevent the deterioration of fuel.  And it is possible to keep it down to almost 0% in principle.  You can store our fuel cartridge long time, as long as you don't open the package of it.

5. Easy operation

You can use AF-M3000 easily by general 4-step.  Please read manual about the detailed operation method and function


STEP1  Open the package of a fuel cartridge


STEP2  Put a fuel cartridge into AF-M3000 body


STEP3  Pour water into filling port by a water supply container


STEP4  AF-M3000 starts to generate power


2. about Standard module of Fuel Cell

You can choose in various combinations of a power generating cell and a hydrogen generation kit as you like.

Both handling a cell and using a kit are very easy.

You can combine our cell and kit with your distributing cables, loading apparatus and converter to make your experiments.  And you can construct a large-scale system of generating electric power by connecting plural cells.

Test for LED MEA
Example:an experiment of LED bulbFig:The frame format
of our power generating cell

Primary specification

Power generating cell(1cell)[AF-FCEDU-1]

Max. output0.5W
Output voltage0.5-0.8V
Please note that the spec may be changed without previous notice.
We appreciate your underdtanding.
We can customize a unit of plural cells.
Please contuct us about the details.



To handle by hand is OK.


Performance chart


Thickness is about 5mm only.

Hydrogen generation kit

Contents a container designed for the hydrogen generation, urethane tube(1m), a plastic syringe, 5 hydrogen generating agents.
Method for generating hydrogen Inject 1mL of water to a hydrogen generating agent, Hydrogen is generated for 20-30 minutes.
Please note that the spec may be changed without purevious notice. We appreciate your understanding.
You can also get an additional pack of hydrogen generating agents(10). Please contuct us about the ditails.

appearance diagram
of a hydrogen generation kit


Fig:How to generate hydrogen


3. For Safety

Our fuel cell generates power by using hydrogen from hydrogen-producing agents and oxygen in the air.  There must be some people considering, "hydrogen is dangerous".  However, it has good energy efficiency and is highly clean and safe fuel, if it is used appropriately.  And Hydrogen is the smallest (lightest) molecule so that it diffuses immediately and comes out in the air.

Hydrogen does not have toxicity, smell, flammable and ignitable. If it mixes with oxygen, it causes explosion when it's ignited; however, it causes neither burning nor explosion unless hydrogen concentration is over 4% of volume.

We promise the reliable safety of AF-M3000.

• We don't store hydrogen, but produce it there.
We don't store it under high-pressured conditions like cylinder or hydrogen storing alloy, but produce it there by using water and hydrogen-producing agents.  Since we use the produced hydrogen quickly for power generation, this method is so safety.
• Almost of all the produced hydrogen is used for power generation.
As we developed power generating control circuit, it uses the produced hydrogen; the produced hydrogen is not leaked out without being used when you use our fuel cell.
• Safety Test
We execute safety test considering every usage and supposed danger.  We determine not to happen ignition by doing ignition test,firing test, submerged test, vibration test, and so on.  Our fuel cell passed all stringent safety tests.


4. Ideas on how to proceed in the future

We are developing new technologies to pursue the possibility of Fuel cells.

• Low-power x Long-term operating
We developed the technology to generate a small quantity of hydrogen for long-term. It becames possible to generate a small quantity of electric power for long-term, and so we can operate a low-power device for long-term without addition of fuel and recharging.
• High-power x Load change responsiveness
A fuel cell can't response to load change quickly becaus it generates electric power by chemical reaction. So many of fuel cells hybridize to overcome this weakness. Our new technology is that a fuel cell responses to load change more quickly than before. It is to change the quantity of hydrogen-supply depending on the load change. It is possible to supply the electric power from high-power to low-power for following the device that load changes greatly. And It cuts the waste of energy by generating a quantity of hydrogen you need when you need. As a result, applications for tablet-PC are acheaved by this new technology.
• ON/OFF control
The fuel cartridge of AF-M3000 is small, light and disposal for portability. So the weakness of AF-M3000 is that you start to generate electric power once, you can't stop it until it's over. But it's possible to stop or start the hydrogen generation by our new technology. As a result, the ON/OFF control of the electric power generation is become possible, too.
• Super long-term storable fuel cartridge
We improve the shelf life of our fuel cartridge more than our current that has good keeping. Our aim is the making the more certain and reliable fuel cartridge like a fuel for disaster preventions, and our goal is to come with a 20-years warranty.
 It's difficult to store the electric power for long-term, for example, self-discharge of a dry battery or a rechageble battery. Our fuel is hydrogen generating from a chemical reaction of water and metal hydrides. Our fuel cartridge is design to prevent the deterioration of fuel by water. We offer the new method of saving new energy for super long term that a dry battery and a rechageble battery can't acheave.